And the Oscar goes to…

My generation, the Millennials Generation Y, Mosaics, or whatever you may call us is obsessed with fame.  It is an underlying cause to the explosion of social networks/media.  It’s why our self worth is intricately connected with the amount of Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and Instagram followers.  It also helps to explain the success of reality tv and YouTube.  The heart cry of my generation is: LOOK AT ME!

There is one story that is different from every other story.

The difficulty with the Story of God is asking oneself, “Where do I fit?”  The Story of God is unique.  It is an eternal story. The critical reality to reconcile in the Story of God is that you and I are not the main character and we will never be the main character. Let me say that again: you are not the main character in the story of God.  Some of you are relieved by that, others of you are enraged by that.

If you and I can never play the role of the main character in the Story of God, then where do we fit?

Are you a supporting actor?

Are you actively involved in the story of God?

Supporting actors have a relationship with Jesus and they are consumed with advancing his kingdom and not their own.

If you are a supporting actor, might I suggest that you ask yourself three questions?

  1. What is God saying to you?
  2. What are you going to do about it?
  3. Who are you going to share it with?

Are you an extra, involved only in the crowd scenes?

If you would call yourself an extra, then my assumption would be that you have a malnourished relationship with Jesus.  You prayed a prayer somewhere along the way.  Perhaps at youth camp or children’s church or DNOW.  You are not actively involved in the Story of God.  You might even think that ministry is for the “professionals.”

Sure, you show up to church; but you probably only read your bible or pray during a crisis.  And let’s be honest, you probably want all of the benefits, without undertaking any of the responsibility of being a Christ Follower.

For the extra on the set, might I suggest that your next steps could be the following:

  • Ask yourself, “Am I ok with being an extra?”  If not, what are you going to do  about it?
  • Perhaps there is some sin you need to admit to God.
  • Lastly, maybe you should to start reading your bible…again….

Do you have a ticket to watch the movie from the comfort of stadium seating in a posh movie theater?

If you would identify with this description, then my guess is that you do not have a relationship with Jesus, but you are very curious.  You find yourself asking questions frequently about matters of faith and religion and what happens after you die.  You realize, as Blaise Pascal said, “There is a God shaped vacuum {hole} in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.”

This Jesus guy and the things he does and says piqué your interest.  You are reaching out and asking questions of people you believe to be Christ followers.

If this is you, then may I ask, “What’s stopping you from beginning a relationship with Jesus?”

Do you know what it takes?

  • Ask God to forgive or sins.
  • Believe that Jesus is who he says he is and does what he says he can do.
  • Commit your life to following him everyday.

Click here for a short video explaining this.

Did you even know that a story like this existed?

If you were unaware of the Story of God the chances are that you do not have a relationship with Jesus. You’re not even sure what to make of all this Jesus stuff. May I make a suggestion?

Grab a cup of coffee or coke with someone you know that is a Christ Follower, and ask questions, begin a dialogue.  Maybe it’s a coworker, a neighbor, a dad on your kids football team, or a pastor…just try not to listen to a tv preacher….

If the heart cry of my generation is: look at me. Then, the heart cry of the story of God is: I LOVE YOU!  Therefore, our greatest struggle will be to humbly and honestly answer this simple, yet profound, question: “Where do I fit?”

  • Which one are you?
  • What is your next step?

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