I don’t own a pair of skinny jeans. I’m a coffee enthusiast, cheesecake aficionado, and die hard Florida State Seminole.

I sing 80s rock ballads like a champ in my car. I know all of the lyrics to every early 90s country song. And I never cried when they played “Friends are Friends Forever…” on the last night of camp (ok, maybe I shed a tear or two).

A great day involves a bottomless cup of coffee, a good book, and some college football.

I am married to an incredible woman who has the tough job of keeping me in line.  And yes, my kids are awesome!

My relationship with Jesus began as an eighth grader when I realized that God loved me, Jesus died for me, and that being a good kid didn’t mean anything. I played the church game. I knew all the right answers, wore the right clothes, acted the right way, and thought I was going to heaven. When I was asked to write down the story of my relationship with Jesus I had nothing to write. This was the catalyst that caused me to evaluate my so-called relationship. After understanding what a relationship with Jesus meant and looked like I realized two things: (1) I didn’t have one and (2) I wanted one. That was the day I began to follow Jesus.

Since that day I have tried to follow Christ each day—some days are easier than others. Along this journey God began to show me as a senior in high school that he had different plans for my life than I did. After talking with my student pastor, parents, an adult leader at church, and a lot of prayer I felt called into ministry. I didn’t know what that looked like or meant. As I followed Christ in this new adventure I continually found myself in student ministry environments. Looking back I now realize that God was steering me into student ministry. Through out this journey he has continued to burden my heart for students and given me the desire to be in student ministry for the long haul.